Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jesus Nation by Joe Stowell

I've loved reading Joe Stowell's books for a long, long time. He is by far one of my favorite non-fiction authors, and his most recent release doesn't disappoint.

Is your faith feeling a bit hum-drum? Do you go to bed at night wondering "Isn't there more to life than this?" Are you so busy keeping your spiritual checklist that you don't have time for much else?

Then welcome to "Jesus Nation", where Jesus reigns supreme and we join in praising, supporting, and working solely for Him! Joe Stowell paints a vivid portrait of the major missing part of faith in believers today, and he made me long for that more abundant that we're promised.

He kicks things off with a powerful word picture--he's a huge fan of the Cubs. Whether they win or lose, they score or don't, no matter where he goes...he remains a true-blue fan. Proudly wearing their colors, he holds for them even in enemy territory.

He's part of something called "Cubs Nation"...a love that unites and doesn't divide, that brings comraderie among the most unlikely of people, and that holds even when things look bleakest.

That, my friends, is "Jesus Nation". A faith and love that unites us, brings friendship and fellowship across all boundaries, and holds true even when things look bleak.

But it isn't a watered-down faith. Joe Stowell teaches sound doctrine as he encourages us to look beyond our denomination, our ethnicity, our political bent, our be united as one under the One who conquered death, hell, the grave and fear of anything.

He goes on to use more excellent word pictures to make his very appealing case for living for this "Jesus Nation." My faith had most definitely grown into a list of do's and do not's, with a little hallelujah tossed in for good measure.

But as I approach my fifth decade of life on this planet, I want all of these years to count for something. I want to make a difference in any way I am able (one major reason why I still review). I want to live above the hum-drum in the hallelujah zone of life.

I'm praying that I will always remember I live in "Jesus Nation".

Joe's book is worthy of my Golden Bookmark for Writing Excellence and Vivid Illustration, and also gets the "Jesus Nation" pennant as a charm. Thanks to my friends at Tyndale for my copy. And thanks to Joe for writing such an amazing book.

Happy Reading!



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cathikin said...

I also love Joe Stowell. I had the privilege of hearing him speak several times and always found refreshing ideas and food for thought. Your review really does a great job of presenting the book; I'd like to get a copy myself. Definitely going on my Buy list.