Monday, February 22, 2010

Author Spotlight: Introducing Erynn Mangum!!

Today kicks off a week-long event, with a giveaway every day! Books, t-shirts, and other goodies are up for grabs.

Simply wait until the end of this post to find your chance to enter!

Now, may I introduce you to one of my all-time favorite authors of some of the wittiest chick-lit you'll ever read............


1) Share a little about your journey to publication with my readers, please.

I was a junior in high school when I decided I wanted to pursue writing as a career, so I joined the Christian Writers Guild and started taking classes through them. They were so helpful! I attended many, many writing conferences (with my mom - she's my conference buddy!) and there's where I met the contact who gave Miss Match to NavPress....and the rest is history (actually, it's all history, but okay)!

2) You have a three book series, published by NavPress, about a lovable character...Lauren Holbrook. What's the basic premise of that series?

Lauren Holbrook thinks she's got a God-given talent for matchmaking, but really, she ends up just making huge messes of everything! She was such a fun character to write about - she's loud, she's crazy, she's able to say the things I always want to say to people but never have the guts to. :) When I sat down to write the series, I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to write about a girl who loves to matchmake but doesn't want to ever get married?" And so the Lauren Holbrook series was born.

3) How much of you can we find in Lauren?

Definitely the coffee and chocolate addictions are mine. She has a hilarious family, which I also share with her. And most of her klutzy moments were lived out by me first. And God did this after I wrote the series, but He brought my very own Ryan to me - my husband, Jonathan Ryan. :)

4) Okay, time to dish about the new series! What can we look forward to from Maya Davis?

Maya is completely different than Laurie! She's more reserved, she's more introspective. She has a very sharp wit. I love Maya's friends in this series - she's surrounded by so many different personalities! It's fun to see how everyone interacts. In Cool Beans, Maya's best friend starts unknowingly dating Maya's old high school sweetheart - the guy Maya thought she would marry. How is Maya going to handle that? Especially when her old flame doesn't even recognize her?

5) I've noticed both series' center around coffee in a that a hint about your preferences?

Mmm...maybe! :) Yes ma'am, it is. I love my coffee. Iced, blended, really doesn't matter. I'm not the hugest fan of plain espresso (much too strong!), but I do love coffee.

6) M&M time...plain, peanut, dark...or one of the new funky flavors?

OH. I love, love, LOVE those peanut butter ones! Those are amazing. But, in a pinch and on a day to day basis, I'm a plain M&M girl.

7) A little bird (your mom!) told me you have ANOTHER production in the works? Want to share with my readers?

I just finished working on the third and final installment in the Maya Davis series! :) The series is Cool Beans (releasing April 1, 2010), Latte Daze (releasing July 2010) and Double Shot (releasing October 2010). :) (SIDE NOTE: Erynn and her hubby are also expecting their FIRST CHILD!!)

8) How about a website? I'd love to share the link!

Sure! My website is and my blog is Come hang out with me!

9) When Erynn isn't writing, what is she most likely doing?

She is most likely on researching or doing "marketing" (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and blogging). :) And when I've had enough computer time (which happens on a daily basis), I'm hanging out with my husband, family and friends. Or I'm watching movies. Or eating ice cream. More often than not, I'm probably watching a movie with my husband while eating ice cream. :) I also love shopping (even at Wal-Mart. I know. I'm weird), taking my insane dog for a walk, and cooking up mistakes in the kitchen. :)

10) Any other characters in your imagination begging to come out and play soon?

Oh goodness - I feel like everyday I meet someone who is just waiting to be the star in a new book series, whether it's the hilariously crazy lady talking on her phone behind me at Wal-Mart or one of my friends I'm meeting for coffee. There are definitely inspirations everywhere!

Now, to enter, what is Erynn's favorite kind of M&M? Leave a comment with the correct answer and I'll announce a winner TOMORROW!

Watch for MORE chances to win all week long!

Happy Reading!



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donnas said...

Peanut butter. Which are great but sadly at times hard to find.

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Pam said...

She loves the peanut butter ones but second choice is plain if she can't find the PB.

Merry said...

She likes the peanut butter M& too!


Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure what I'm entering for... but giveaways are always fun. :-) She said she loves the peanut butter M&Ms, but her true love is plain. Mine, too!


Julia M. Reffner said...

She loves the peanut butter m&ms but eats plain more often.


apple blossom said...

she loves the peanut butter ones, but is a plain every day lover also

Love to win the contest. Thanks

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Anna Weaver Hurtt said...

Peanut butter M&Ms... but plain will do in a pinch. :)

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