Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pure Pleasure by Gary Thomas

As Christians, we often struggle to balance pleasure and suffering, believing that one makes you holy and the other makes you...well...a heathen! But Gary Thomas takes the notion of pleasure to task and helps us navigate the waters of license vs. liberty, and he does it with humor and wisdom.

Writing this book is risky. Some would say Mr. Thomas is giving Christians a license to sin. Those people simply haven't read the book...they've merely glanced at the title.

Instead, Gary points out that creation was made for God's glory and for OUR pleasure. I think it was Rich Mullins who once said God created green because He knew someone like me would fall in love with the color!

By engaging in pleasurable things, we can actually draw closer to God and honor Him in ways we often miss. As long as what we are drawing pleasure from does not 1) dishonor God, 2) go against His Word, or 3) take the place of God in our lives--we can enjoy life and what God has made!

Practical application follows each chapter, and Mr. Thomas does NOT scrimp on Scripture! Both make him a favorite author of mine, although I must admit this isn't my favorite book. But it is well worth the read, and it may just eliminate a major case of the guilties in your life!

My thanks to my friends at Zondervan and The Blog Tour Spot for my copy. I'm rating "Pure Pleasure" four out of five bookmarks, with a big green turtle as a charm...two things God created that are certain to make me smile!

Happy Reading!



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