Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guest Review: An Amish Christmas by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller and Barbara Cameron

I'm falling behind in my preparations for Christmas and running out of hours to finish reading all of the great Christmas books I've got stacked up! I can't let the season go by without sharing, so I've asked a few friends to help out....

Meet Deborah from "Books, Movies and Chinese Food" and get her take on "An Amish Christmas" by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller and Barbara Cameron:

As you know, Amish fiction is hit or miss with me. I don't mind Amish fiction that emphasis the way of life but I don't like reading stories where I feel as if I'm being preached at and made guilty because I don't want to live the way they do. This novella collection has none of that. I would describe this book as comfort reading. The stories, which are all connected, are written by three authors who are known for their Amish stories. I really enjoyed reading this books. What I liked best about this series was that there was no conversion to the Amish faith. It's a cliche I'm starting to abhor, that every Englischer who happens to wander in Amish land must become Amish. Thankfully none of that happens in this book. Instead what is shown is an introduction to the Amish way of life, which isn't pushy or preachy. There is also a lot of food mentioned which is always a plus.

If there was any story I was iffy on, it would have to be Lydia's story. This is mainly due to her stubbornness and refusal to listen to explanations. I just felt it created unnecessary drama that the story didn't need. Other than that blip, I really had no problems as all with any of the stories. They all emphasized more on the story than trying to be Amish. Other than the obvious differences between their world and the Englisch world, I really didn't see any differences between these stories and those set in modern world.

To read the rest of Deb's review, click here.

Thanks, Deb!

Happy Reading!



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