Friday, September 25, 2009

Unexplainable by Don Cousins

I'm weird.

Unarguably so.

When I read Christian non-fiction, I like the feeling of listening to a really good message that expounds a passage of Scripture, going deep. That's the feeling I get when I read Don Cousins' book, "Unexplainable."

His basic premise is living a life that is totally unexplainable apart from God. Using examples from Scripture such as David, Joseph, Moses and Rahab, Don Cousins points out that, while they seems like giants of the faith, they were just people... extraordinary lives enabled by an extraordinary God. Unexplainable. So, if they could do it, why can't WE?

The book is divided into four parts, with three lifeshifts necessary to live the unexplainable life. Unexplainable contentment, unexplainable success, unexplainable significance, and then transitioning from the explainable to that which is unexplainable...

...but for God.

The Lifeshifts are going from outside-in living to inside-out living, from temporal to eternal, and from mind to His. An entire shift in perspective that will not only lift you from ho-hum or oh-my living to peaceful, contented and focused living.

I love it when Don is writing away, asks a question of the reader, then answers with 'as Peter says' then quotes the passage...or 'as Jesus says' then quotes the passage...good writing and good reading!

I highly recommend a copy of "Unexplainable" for anyone feeling like they can't go on, God doesn't care, or this is all there is and it ain't getting any better. I feel so uplifted, and in sound, Biblical way.

I'm giving "Unexplainable" five out of five bookmarks, with a question mark as a charm, encouraging you to live your life so centered in God that people are forced to ask you, "How can you do it?", giving you the chance to share the hope that lives within you.

Happy Reading!



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