Friday, September 25, 2009

Silent Savior by A.J. Gregory

You know what puzzles me? The shift in logic when it comes to God. We will apply the oddest tests, examinations, and queries to God and His existence...things we would find silly under any other circumstances.

That's why I love it when I find an intelligent, well written book that realizes the simplest fact...He is God. If He talks to you, be grateful. If He's silent, He's still God, and He is still there.

"Silent Savior" puts flesh and bone on the Scripture passage, "Who is man that You are mindful of him?", and takes the worry, stress and anxiety out of what should be a loving, trusting and simple relationship with our Savior.

Like A.J., I wondered if there was something wrong with me when others 'got a Word from God' and I didn't. Or if my prayers weren't answered because I lacked sufficient faith. Or if I had unconfessed sin in my life that hindered my walk with God.

I've come to realize that God is God, I am not, and whatever way He chooses to relate to me...well, I'm grateful. I'm working on the patient part:-) I'm grateful that He cared enough to die for me, to live for me, and to make a home for me.

And that He hears everything I say, watches everything I do, and guides every step I take...and let's me make mistakes and learn from them. He's not my genie, He's my God. He's not my butler, He's my Savior.

And whether He's talking to me or He's silent, He's still there. And that gives me peace. I hope it gives you peace as well.

I'm giving "Silent Savior" four out of five bookmarks with a "Quiet: God Working" sign as a charm. I would have liked A.J. to reference more Scripture, but I'm just nit-picky that way:-)

Happy Reading!



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Shawntele said...

Sounds like a book I would enjoy, and a reminder I need after this weekend. :)