Thursday, September 17, 2009

On Tour with Boy-sterous Living by Jean Blackmer

Jean Blackmer has three sons, and she enjoys every moment of them! Even her dogs are she's greatly outnumbered...but Jean has learned to find the humor in everything, and in her new book she helps us find humor as well.

"Boy-sterous Living" is filled with laughter and lessons on raising boys. Written like a survival guide, each chapter tackles a different topic...such as The Fear Factor, The Superman Complex, and Think Pink (for moms who are the only female).

Jean's conversational tone make this a fast and easy reading experience. Each chapter ends with something to help you 'dig deeper', suggestions on how to improve relationships (or keep your sanity), and Scriptures for you to look up.

I love that fact that Jean gives us the references, but has us do the work! This book was SO MUCH FUN to read...I chuckled and nodded my way through the pages, and I've only raised one son!

Boys are fun...but sometimes moms have a hard time 'getting them'. Let Jean's book give you a glimpse into the world of boys, and you'll find out it's not just rowdy, but it's boy-sterous!

I'm giving "Boy-sterous Living" five out of five bookmarks, with a bottle of Spray 'N Wash as a charm. And a Tide Pen as well. And maybe a bottle of Febreze...Just Kidding...kind of.

Want to win a contest: Enter your grossest or funniest moment as a mom of a boy (No boys? That’s okay – we still want to hear your story!) and you could win movie tickets and a snack for you and a friend to escape! Share your story by emailing your entry to or posting it on the Moms of Boys facebook page!

Happy Reading!



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Kim said...

Okay, Deena. I'm mom to two boys, and I can testify to the craziness of it sometimes! The boys are eighteen months apart, so when my second son was born it didn't take my first son long to figure out that there were times that mom was distracted with the new baby.

Well, one day I was busy breast-feeding, changing diapers ect...just totally immersed in my youngest son when all of the sudden I missed my firstborn. I called his name...silence. I began a room to room search of the house, and guess where I found the little guy?

Sitting atop the changing table with the entire contents of the vasaline jar emptied all over him! EWWWWW!! And he'd gotten into the cotton swabs and cotton balls too - I suppose in an effort to remove the gummy stuff all over the rest of him! What a MESS!!

I still chuckle when I remember this!

Deena said...

I was only blessed to raise one boy. With two older sisters in the home, he wasn't TOO rambunctious...but one day he found Dad's box cutter and wanted to see what it would do.

He sliced open the back of my couch, scared himself half to death, and tried desperately to hide what he'd done. Took me a couple of days to notice it.

Thank goodness he didn't try it out on his sisters:-)

Be sure to email your stories to Amy at the above email address, or on the Facebook fan page to enter...I love reading them, but they won't be entered if you just leave them here.

But, PLEASE, do leave a copy here!!

amyanne said...

ohmy deena! I love your ratings. So funny. I've captured Kim's story! Thanks for all you do!

Holly said...

Love your bookmarks! I have two boys and I think I need to read this book.

Jean Blackmer said...

Deena - thanks for the book review! Boys truly are a blast...