Monday, September 7, 2009

Gone to Green by Judy Christie

I've been a huge fan of Jan Karon's Mitford series, and that small town novel storytelling style is one of my favorites to read. So I'm thrilled to introduce you to author Judy Christie and her new "Green" series.

"Gone To Green" tells the tale of newspaper editor Lois Barker. She's a big city girl, working her way up the ranks of the world of news print. Her close friend, Ed, announces he's purchased a small-town paper in Green, Louisiana, and she's thrilled for him, yet skeptical.

Through tragic circumstances, Lois suddenly finds herself the owner of 'The Green News-Item', one of the smallest and least financially sound newspapers she's had the privilege of reading, let alone owning.

Can a girl from the big city with big dreams find happiness in a small town with a Mayberry appeal? Or will Lois head back to the bright lights as soon as her year is up?

Filled with quirky and lovable characters, "Gone to Green" was a delightful reading experience. Judy captures the news industry with wit and authentic detail, and her heroine is as easy to connect with as the girl you grew up with.

I'm eager for more in the "Green" series, and I only hope Judy has at least as many novels in her as Jan Karon, Philip Gulley and Charlene Baumbich have in print...COMBINED! Take some time out from your hectic life and go "Green" for a few hours...'ll be glad you did! I'm giving "Gone to Green" five out of five bookmarks with a rolled up newspaper as a charm. Oh, and you'll LOVE the little news tidbits at the beginning of every chapter!

Maybe Judy will create a website patterned after 'The Green News-Item'...that would SO rock!

Happy Reading!



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