Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ends of the Earth by Tim Downs

Nick Polchak is back, and he's wittier and more distracted than ever! Our beloved Bug Man has a new case to solve, and it's Tim Downs most creative plotline to date.

"Ends of the Earth" reunites old characters with new ones, and creates havoc that only Nick Polchak can create! When Katherine's husband (from Shoo Fly Pie) is found shot to death in his tomato field, Katherine immediately calls in the expert of all experts in forensic science.

And when Nick Polchak senses something odd about the crime scene, he calls in a favor from a new old friend: Alena from Less Than Dead and her canine crew. What a triangle that creates!

What was Michael doing with moldy marijuana in the first place? Who would want him dead, and what does the mysterious pot mean? Dr. Polchak is hot on the case, throwing out odd theories to his FBI friends and creating chaos in the classroom.

Favorite characters just add to the fun, and the wit and humor flies fast and furious. I can honestly say that Nick Polchak is one of my all time favorite does that say about ME??

This is Tim Downs' best...and that's saying quite a bit, since the last was stellar. I can only hope we have more to look forward to from Tim and Nick. And I LOVE it when favorite authors do something unique...

...YOU pick the ending! Don't go there just yet, but once you've finished "Ends of the Earth", visit Tim Downs' website for two alternate endings, then vote for what you think Nick would actually do.

Quite creative, eh? I'm giving "Ends of the Earth" five out of five bookmarks with the thickest glasses I can come up with...all the better to see this unique critters in the book....'cause it's all about the bugs, baby!

Or is it??

Happy Reading!



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