Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where Is God by Dr. John Townsend

About the Book:

Hard times make us look for God.
Everyone has problems. But if we could solve all our difficulties ourselves, would we ever search for God? Psychologist John Townsend says "It is actually the very unfixability of our problems and our powerlessness to bring right results that keep us asking, 'Where is God?'"
With a compelling narrative, Townsend offers new insights into the pursuit for God's help and presence. Designed to give readers hope and meaning, he divides the discussion into three parts:
  • Why does a loving God allow us to experience difficulties?
  • How is God active in the middle of our hard times?
  • How can I find God?
With powerful stories and practical applications, Where Is God? assures readers that even when it feels as though God is absent it is his nature to be in relationship, to connect with, love, and guide us. And when we seek him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, he shows up in ways that transform us forever.

My Thoughts:
Everyone goes through hard times. For a person who believes in God, those hard times can leave one feeling alone and abandoned by the One who promised never to leave us or forsake us. So, which is it? Does God leave us when life gets hard...especially when it seems hopeless? Or does He stick closer than we think, we just can't feel Him?

"Where Is God" answers some of life's age old questions, like where is God when I'm hurting? Why is He letting this happen? If God truly loves me, wouldn't He stop this from happening?

Truthfully, God allows some difficulties into our lives to test us, so we know our faith in Him is strong. Sometimes hard time come because we've made unhealthy choices and these are the natural consequences of bad choices. And then sometimes God lets us struggle to drive us to seek Him.

If life was a cake walk, why would we need God? Why would we long for Heaven? Dr. Townsend's book uses real life anecdotes and passages of Scripture to encourage us to always know God is present in our difficult times, and to seek Him with everything we have.

My thanks to the BookLook Reviewers Program for my complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

Happy Reading!



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