Saturday, August 1, 2009

Try Fear by James Scott Bell

When it comes to James Scott Bell's novels, I have to savor each page...the poor man just doesn't write fast enough for me...especially when it comes to his lawyer/detective, Ty Buchanan.

"Try Fear" finds Ty helping out Santa Claus...or rather, an inebriated, large man in a Santa hat and other attire I shall refrain from mentioning. Seems this poor soul has a routine for tying one on, and he's counting on Ty to get charges dismissed (no pun intended there!).

Always looking out for the little guy (or the one who can't seem to defend his or her way out of a paper bag), Ty finds the legal loophole that sets the wannabe Santa free.

Only to find out he's dead days later.

Problem is, what was once thought to be a suicide has turned into murder. Carl Richess' brother is the top suspect...but who would kill their own brother ( and do NOT bring up Abel and Cain!)?

Complicating Ty's life even more are his almost feelings for his legal sidekick, Sister Mary Veritas, the nun who, in his opinion, should be a nun no more. She's being cyberstalked, and it ain't pretty.

Through in a rather attractive deputy city attorney by the name of Kimberly Pincus, who is rather interested in a rather confused Ty Buchanan, and you've got a series that is BEGGING to be a television show!

Ty just has a way with cases, whether he wins or loses them. And Sister Mary Veritas' confusion and conflict wiggles its way into your heart, leaving you almost wishing she'd give up her habit for another....Ty, that is!

Three reasons I love these Ty Buchanan novels: short chapters, fast action, and snappy dialogue. I could give you more, but then this review would be far too long.

I'm giving the third in this series five out of five bookmarks, with a legal brief as a'll need Ty to file one if you ever get arrested...and I'd want him as MY attorney!

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Happy Reading!


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