Friday, April 4, 2008

Try Darkness by James Scott Bell


I love legal thrillers, and James Scott Bell is one of my favorite authors! Fans of Ty Buchanan will be happy to know he's back, and he's doing better than ever!

Ty is "renting" a chair at the local coffee bar, Freudian Sip, when his most recent client hires him. Reata and her six year old daughter are being evicted illegally, and she enlists Ty to save their "home."

Things get complicated fast when his client turns up dead and her daughter is alone. Without a plan, Ty takes Kylie with him to live at St. Monica's, caring for her with the help of Sister Mary and Father Bob.

Who murdered Reata? When Ty gets a lead on an old friend of Reata's, he goes to question her, only to find her body...dead as well. Could this be the result of a real estate deal gone sour? Or is there more to it?

With a sister who trash talks on the basketball court, a priest who knows what it is to live in darkness, and an adorable six year old with a gift for drawing, Ty has his hands full...and I haven't even mentioned the bad guys yet!

And we've got some BAD ones in this story...from murder to kidnapping to extortion...the crimes just keep on coming. Ty gets back into the courtroom and proves he hasn't lost his skill, and that he has a heart for truth, no matter who tries to get in his way.

James Scott Bell has created a winning series, and here's to hoping Ty Buchanan keeps on "trying"! I love these characters, and the writing is fast paced and believable. I'm giving "Try Darkness" five out of five bookmarks, with a basketball as a charm.

"Try Darkness" releases July 2008 from Center Street, a member of the Hatchette Book Group (think FaithWords). Do NOT miss out!

Happy Reading!



Kim said...

You're doing it again Deena...making me drool over another of my favorite author's upcoming release!! Try Dying was excellent, so I can't wait to see what Ty Beuchanan is up to now! "Freudian Sip"....I love it already!!!


Jenny said...

So looking forward to this one - it's 'bout time for another JSB fix! *grin*