Thursday, July 30, 2009

Harry Bentley's Second Chance by Dave Jackson

I've never seen this done before--parallel novels, covering the same time period, but from different vantage points. Just enough similarity to tie to the two together, but enough differences to make each unique and distinct.

And no other writing duo could pull it off with flair, believability and cohesiveness besides Dave and Neta Jackson!

In "Harry Bentley's Second Chance", we get to know the security guard/doorman that works in the Fairbanks building. If you loved Mr. Bentley in that novel, wait until you REALLY get to know him!

Once a cop on the special forces unit, he had a code he lived by. One that cost him his job. Living on just his pension, Harry took the position as security basically to give him something to do...a purpose.

When he's surprised by the news that he has a grandson he's never seen, Harry's life takes on a whole new dimension. Can caring for DaShawn help Harry make up for how he wasn't there for his son, Rodney?

And can Harry finally bring to justice those who helped cost him his job? With the help of the Yada Yada brothers (all characters we loved in the original series), Harry might just find the One he's searched for all his life...and gain so much more in the bargain.

It's so amazing to me to read both of these books, one after another. We got a HUGE glimpse into Gabby's life through "Where Do I Go?", but only saw Harry as a minor character.

As we recognize the trials that occurred in Gabby's life, we see deeper into Mr. Bentley's world, and while he was beloved by Gabby, she never really truly knew him.

Made me wonder just how much we truly allow one another to 'see' into our lives and into ourselves. How much do we keep much do we try to struggle along on our own, reluctant to bare our hurts and ask for help.

You really can't read one book without the other to get the full, rich depth of this storyline. I recommend them both to you with high praise. I only hope Dave keeps writing his series as Neta continues on with hers.

I'm giving "Harry Bentley's Second Chance" the Golden Bookmark for Depth and Richness of Character Development and Parallel Writing, with a doorman's hat as a charm.

Happy Reading!


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Kim said...

I KNEW you'd love this! Isn't it awesome to have two novels dovetailed like this?? Dave and Neta must be especially close to so closely share their talents this way!

WONDERFUL concept! GREAT book!