Thursday, April 9, 2009

Treasure Under Finney's Nose by Dana Mentink

Never have I been so tickled by someone's nose! Wait, that came out wrong...but Dana Mentink is an author to pick every time...oh, there I go again!

She's back with her third installment in her "Finney's Nose Mystery" series, and this time Ruth Budge is in for far more than she bargained for! With the 150th anniversary of the sinking of the Triton, Finney's mystery maven gets roped into playing a part in the documentary.

Pregnant and ready to pop, Ruth is in over her head. With husband Monk gone, her emotions in overdrive due to hormones gone amuck, and a dead body popping up on the shoot, can Ruth find answers before the culprit strikes again?

Finney's Nose is a quirky little town filled with delightful characters. Dana has developed Ruth into a sweetheart, and watching her stumble into mysteries has been fun. "Treasure Under Finney's Nose" is an enjoyable ending to a fun series, and perfect for Spring reading.

Whether you're in, over or under Finney's Nose, if you've picked up a novel by Dana Mentink, you've picked a real winner of a story! That's why I'm giving this book four out of five bookmarks, with a tissue as a charm--there's a lot to offer in Finney's Nose...

...okay, enough with the nose punniness...just get the book...and don't blow it! LOL!!

Happy Reading!


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