Thursday, April 9, 2009

Special Friends Moments: Meet Margaret Chind of "Creative Madness"!

One of my favorite things about blogging is meeting neat people. The blogosphere is a huge place, and when I find a kindred sis, I tend to want you to meet her as well. Margaret is my little sis in the book world, and I adore her. I think you will as well...

So meet Margaret Chind of "Creative Madness"....

1) Tell me a little about you and your family.

I am the baby of four from a family of interesting and very different people. One sister is a Navy Submariner's wife, and while she lives in one place now, it will probably be somewhere else two years from now. My other sister lives in Scotland and is working on a PhD dealing with English Literature. Maybe one day she will be my first editor... My brother is a do-it-all computer nerd. My Mama loves to embroider and spend time with her as of now 7 grandchildren. My Daddy is a genealogist and close to finishing his first book on an original township Mount Willing near Edgefield, South Carolina. For the last three years I have been married to my best friend and most awesome do-it-all Engineer who works for R&D in a medical company. And now, my sister and I are in a race (which she is winning) of giving my mother more grandchildren. My sister is expecting her fifth little sailor, a third girl for her fleet. While I am expecting my first child, a girl who will definitely be the center of attention for my husband for years to come. (He is slightly excited, as am I.) *grin*

2) How did you get started in blogging?

I guess it was October of 2007, I had just started quilting and wanted a fast way to upload pictures and show them to my mother and sisters without having to send huge email files. Then I found a book blogging group and then another and with my love of reading I just could not help it. now I am addicted and quite stuck.

3) Remember the first book you reviewed? If so, what was it?

Yikes. I really do not know, let me go look. Wow. Okay, the first book that I ever reviewed (at least on my blog) is "Maid Marian" by Elsa Watson. It was really a neat experience for me. About this time, I also discovered the website Goodreads and started sharing reviews there. I was able to find a contact email for Elsa and on a whim sent her my review. I had loaned the book from the local library, and she was so glad to get my review that she sent me a hardback autographed copy as well as one of the nicest emails ever! It was such a great start and really influenced me to keep going.

4) How many books do you read and review on average per week?

At one time, I guess I was reading a book (average 250 pages) a day, but as I became pregnant, that has decreased dramatically. Now, I read at minimum two to three books a week. I am hoping to be able to pick up the pace again in the future.

5) Favorite snack when reading?

Nutella with a spoon.

6) Share a tidbit that reveals your book addiction level?

I never go anywhere without a book. If I have less than one hundred pages left of said book, I will carry two books just in case the first ends before I get home. I can read a good book in an afternoon if it really draws me. I am always surrounded by books. I have a bookshelf in the bedroom (the entirety of my husband's books and my genealogy books), probably four or five books on my bed side table. In my quilting den there are four tall shelves packed in almost two rows. Two short shelves packed with TBR books and another four wider short shelves with my favorite books, Bible collection, and leather bound Classics, as well as quilting and other craft books. Currently there is also another shelf in there that I plan to trade those books, once I can find so more books on to request on various swapping websites. In another room there are several more boxes of books and a couple packed shelves. Then in my mother's basement are some books that I had to pack in Rubbermaid tubs for while we were in apartment life. It stresses me out to have the books in boxes, but DH (Darling Husband) does not see the dire situation. *sigh*

7) What's your favorite genre?

Christian Historical Fiction

8) Most memorable moment as a blogger/reviewer?

Probably when I shared my review with author Elsa Watson and she was so happy by it and sent me a book. I was shocked, I had no clue things like that could happen.

9) Share a hidden talent with my readers.

I sing, supposedly well. *grin*

10) I heard you have a blessed event coming up. Care to share?

Pregnant! Oh so pregnant! 20 weeks pregnant as of Saturday (March 28th). We are due on August 15th and it's a girl! I could not be more excited. This is something that I have been praying for, for years and finally have the blessing. We are pretty set on one particular name, but have a good handful of others to make sure the name fits her.

11) If you weren't reviewing books, what would you be doing?

Hmm... spending more time on my quilts probably. I would still be reading. But no where near the amounts, unless my library got better. Being able to be paid in free books to read and review has really made me set. It saves me so much money and really powers something that I love. I just hope that my reviews do help other readers to find books to love and sell more companies for the authors to keep writing more and more. Feed my addiction.

12) Any other careers/interests in your life besides books?

I am a quilter. I'm still a beginner to some parts, but I have a good amount of quilt tops pieced, they are just waiting to be sandwiched and quilted in layers. Before we moved out of the big city (Atlanta) to the country side where we live now, I was in nursing school working toward a Bachelor's and Master's degree. But as his job opportunity came up, we decided it was more important than more school as I already have two other degrees. We also decided to focus on becoming pregnant. And thus, I am working toward being a SAHM.

13) Favorite place in the world to be?

Canada. I spent two weeks in the woods with my God-mother's family in Ontario and loved every second of it. My husband and I returned there for our honeymoon to Quebec and it was perfect. I would go back in a heart beat.

14) If money was no object, what would you ultimately want to do?

Be a mom with infinite amounts of books and quilt projects living where I could see a lake and mountains as well as beautiful sunrises.

15) What's one piece of advice you'd like to share with other reviewers/bloggers?

Feel free to give brief plot ideas, but do not repeat the back cover book blurb or give away the entire plot synopsis. People buy books to learn what will happen to the characters. It is the page-turner anticipation that makes reading addictive and fun. If you give the twists and turns away, there will be nothing left for a new reader to enjoy! Sorry, little rant.

16) Chocolate preference: milk, dark, or white?


17) Coffee, tea, milk, or juice? And how do you like your preference?

Hot tea, or chocolate milk. My favorite tea is herbal orange or lemon while it's still really hot. Now as for the chocolate milk. 2% Milk, either Mayfield or an organic brand that has a dark container (meaning light does not touch the milk). Call me crazy, but I think it taste better unexposed. Then 2 spoons of Nestle Quik. Yum.

18) Which review are you most proud of?

I really do not know how to answer that one. There are so many. And I try to do better with each review. With my reviews, I really want to give the reasons why a book was so incredible to me and why someone else should read it.

19) Your blog is about more than book reviews. Share with my readers what else they can find at your blog.

My blog has book reviews yes, and author interviews, but also pictures and facts about quilt projects and sometimes cross stitch and other craft projects that I am working on. I am in the midst of also adding various product reviews, currently maternity products and in the future baby things. From time to time I share various videos from other sources that tickle my funny bone that I want to help someone else find a laugh. I also participate in memes from time to time to just keep my blog a little bit alive. I want people to be able to come by my Creative Madness that Makes me Myself and enjoy their stay. Read a review, article, or see a video or picture and just leave with a smile and perhaps a good book suggestion for their TBR (to be read) list.

20) Where can my readers find your reviews/interviews/features?

When I first write a review, I post it on Goodreads, then my blog. After that I put it on other reader websites such as Shelfari, LibraryThing (before I hit my 201 book limit on a free account) and book selling websites like,,, Google Books. Lastly, I also put my review on trading websites like Occasionally my reviews are also found within the online magazine in their review portion of Twice now I have also been featured in the Christian Fiction Online Magazine as a reviewer as well.

She's just so wonderful! And so is her sure to click on her button to stop by and say "HI!"

Happy Reading!



Rel said...

Love it! Thanks girls :)

Hugs to you both!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Hugs back Rel! And thank you Deena for choosing me!!

Ruth @ Bookish Ruth said...

Yes, another dark chocolate devotee!

Also, Margaret and I share a pet peeve: I hate it when someone gives away vital plot twists. Reading is an adventure and I appreciate the reviewers who understand that and allow me to make my own discoveries within a book.

Deena, this is a fascinating interview (Wonderful questions!) with an amazing blogger and friend. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Thanks to both of you, Margaret and Deena!

Lindsey said...

What a great interview! I loved hearing more about you, Margaret! :-)

I don't like my books in boxes, either! Thankfully I was recently able to get a good amount of mine onto bookshelves. Oh the joy at having them out where I can look at them! lol Why do I love books so much...? :-)

I'm thinking we need a video of you singing... :-D

Oooh, Canada. I really want to go to Prince Edward Island someday. For my honeymoon that I never had.

I'm gonna go check out that Maid Marian review now. :-) That's such a cool experience you had with the author! I know how you feel, I've been so encouraged by the wonderful authors I've "met" too.

Thanks for posting this review, Deena! :-)

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Thanks Ruth and Lindsey! Two more reviewer buddies that I love!

Linds, when you go to PEI will you take me with you? I just do not think that DH will appreciate the Anne-qualities.

Ruth, can we scream at people about it? Nope, will not work. *sigh* My silent protest is just to support the book reviewers who write the GREAT kind of reviews instead!!

Julie J. said...

I'm so glad that you chose MJ this month! It's good to learn more about MJ, who is not only an online friend, but a "real" neighbor down the street from me that I would not have met had it not been for Goodreads!!

Nora St. Laurent said...

Wow! A Girl!! I'm so excited that you know. I can't wait to hear the name you all have chosen. Thanks for sharing with us.

Nora :D