Monday, March 30, 2009

On Tour with "Sticks and Stones" by Ace Collins!

I have to admit, with so many books to read, I've considered leaving the book tours behind. Just when I think I can't take part any longer, along comes a book like this one--and I would have missed out on SUCH a great reading experience!

Ace Collins is a master storyteller, whether he's writing fiction such as "Farraday Road" or sharing some of our best loved stories of hymns, Christmas carols, or traditions.

His new book, "Sticks and Stones" is about so much more than just light-hearted stories. Ace talks about the power of words, and how we wield that power can have an everlasting impact.

He recounts the story of "Silent Night" and how it came to be, but he goes deeper and pulls up more history, proving how important it is to write things down. Ace also shares his heart about the lost art of writing thank you notes, and the powerful way a simple thank you can change a life.

I love the way Ace tells a story, drawing you in and then teaching something powerful and necessary, without being preachy or talking down to the reader. And if you've never considered the power of your words, you really need to read this book.

Words are powerful; otherwise, I wouldn't be writing this review and you wouldn't bother to read it! With my words, I can convince you to read a book or to take a pass on a particular title.

So, with my words, let me encourage you to pick up a copy of "Sticks and Stones" and let it impact how you use your words. In a world filled with negativity and bad news on ever turn, we can change our corner of the world with just a few fitting words, spoken or written with love.

I'm giving "Sticks and Stones" five out of five bookmarks, with a greeting card as a charm. And, having read Ace's book, now I'm going to stock up on cards and stamps--like God's been telling me to do for a while now! Thanks, Ace!

Visit Ace Collins by clicking here.

Happy Reading!


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