Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Author of the Month: Winner of "Ask Marlo"

You asked a lot of great questions! Marlo has selected a winner, and answered her question:

Amber S. said...

Great interview! This author's work sounds really inspiring and creative. First, I actually wanted to ask about the last contest for this book on March 17 (with the tulips)...I might have just missed where you posted the winners, but I was just curious how the contest turned out. Also, here's my actual question: Where's your favorite place to write? Where do you find the most inspiration?

Answer: My favorite place to write is at Starbucks, with a nice hot decaf venti white mocha, nonfat milk no whip sitting in front of me (and on a good day, one of their awesome apple fritters, warmed … can you say a zillion calories! ;-)). At Starbucks, there’s no laundry to fold, no email to answer, no little bottoms to wipe, no dishes to put away … nothing else hollering my attention. It’s wonderful! Plus, if I’m at Starbucks, it means that my hubby’s watching the kids, so I’d better make the most of that time and write like the wind! It’s great motivation.

Congratulations, Amber! Send me your address, and your goodies will be on their way to you!!

Happy Reading!


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Amber S. said...

Thanks so much! I'm trying to contact you via e-mail, so let me know if you can't get a hold of me. My e-mail is stokes.a[at]suddenlink.net. Thanks again!

Also, I agree with Marlo that Starbucks has a wonderful atmosphere! For me, it has been a great place for study groups and working on schoolwork. The smells, the music, the comfortable surroundings...I may not like coffee, but with some hot chocolate and good friends, I'm happy! Thanks for your response!