Thursday, February 19, 2009

Author of the Month: M.L. Tyndall's Moment of Inspiration!

I asked MaryLu this question:

Share with my readers the most unusual place you've ever been "struck" with inspiration and HAD to write it down, or were forced to write due to a time/deadline issue:-)

Here's what she shared:

The bathtub! You’d be surprised how many great ideas I get while soaking in a hot bubble bath! But, since my brain often can’t remember all the ideas that dash through it, I have to crawl out of the bath, wrap a town around myself, and sneak out the door, down the hall, and into my writing room for a pad of paper and a pencil (You would think I’d remember to bring those with me into the bathroom) , Dripping water on our nice hardwood floor, and leaving sudsy bubbles along the way, and praying I don’t run into anyone (my kids are at the age where they get terribly embarrassed seeing their mom in a towel)

You just never know where inspiration will strike! I've written reviews on napkins, the back of a bulletin, and on my hand...gotta catch that perfect phrase when it hits, you know?

Happy Reading!


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