Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blown Coverage by Jason Elam and Steve Yohn

The boys are back in town with a new Riley Covington Thriller, and this ride tops the first one! Packed with action and drama that will keep your heart racing until the very end, this is a sequel you Must. Not. Miss!

The Cause is back, and Riley now has a bull's eye painted on his football jersey. Will his involvement in the nightmare scenario from "Monday Night Jihad" keep him from chasing the ball into the end zone?

This time, the attacks are bloodier, scarier, and harder to trace. With Khadi and company on the trail of the radicals responsible, the hunt is on for the new head of The Cause.

Can they dismantle the regime before more attacks are carried out? Can Scott stop Gooey from stealing passwords (gotta love that Gooey!)? Will the inter agency information lock-out cause more deaths, or can the team pull together to stop these terrorists once and for all?

I'm telling you, this new writing duo has got game! With authentic voice and thrilling action, "Blown Coverage" knocks the espionage/thriller genre off the map. Start with "Monday Night Jihad", then dive into "Blown Coverage" if your heart can take the excitement.

Tragedy strikes hard in this one, so if you cry easily, keep a box of tissues handy. But do NOT miss this stellar writing duo's series! My prayer for the boys is three-fold:

1) That their series will enlighten people to the true nature of those whom we fight against in the war against terrorism.

2) That their series will awaken us to the HUGE sacrifice of the men and women in uniform and in the special services who lay down their lives for us in ways we can't begin to understand, and to pray for their families.

3) That they will continue to write as a duo, or even go solo, as long as neither leaves the other behind. This writing team of Elam and Yohn rivals my writing hero, Joel THAT'S saying something for me!

I'm rating "Blown Coverage" five out of five bookmarks, with a web cam as a'll see why when you read this book. These two boys keep writing like this, they're headed for a Golden Bookmark award!!

Happy Reading!


P.S. Be prepared for more "sneak peeks"--as reading in my house is like trying to find quiet during feeding time at the local zoo:-)

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Kim said...

I am going to HAVE to get these books for my boys! Sounds terrific!