Thursday, January 22, 2009

On Tour with "Wild Things" by Stephen James and David Thomas

As a reviewer, I have the pleasure of reading a multitude of books. Many are pure entertainment, but quite a few are timely treasures for me in my walk with God and with my family. "Wild Things" is one of those timely treasures.

My youngest is my son, about to turn 15...and sometimes, as much as I love him...he drives me CRAZY! Almost a man, yet still a boy...he is lost between childhood and manhood. And he expects me, his mother, to help him navigate this journey.

He has a dad! That's what dads are for, right??

But Stephen and David have co-authored a book that is perfect for both moms and dads to nurture and enable their boys to become godly young men, wild things for Christ. With heart, expertise and genuine love for this ministry, both authors are well versed in what they share in their new book.

Loosely based around the book "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak (which I highly recommend you have for your own 'wild thing'), the book opens with an explanation of the title. That alone is worth the price of the book, in my humble opinion!

Next, in Part One, the authors break down boyhood into ages and give them overall titles such as "Explorer-ages 2 through 4" and "The Wanderer-ages 13-17" (which is where my son is right now.

Stephen and David do not attempt to pigeon-hole our sons into these categories, but give us loose descriptions to help us understand our boys and their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth at different stages of life.

Part Two then examines a scary yet fascinating place: The Mind of a Boy. Believe me, my son is fascinating...but he's weird! And he likes it that way! We have some interesting and entertaining conversations. We also end up hitting those brick walls that can block communication.

That's where this wonderful book comes in to help. Stephen and David help to explain a boy's brain, some different learning styles (a chapter I desperately needed as a home school mother), and deficits and disappointments.

Part Three examines the heart of a boy, with topics such as being noble creatures, and a touching chapter on a boy and his mother. My son was born the day after my mother-in-law passed away, leaving me with him for five days alone while his father traveled to be with family.

We bonded in a unique and special way...yet we still drive each other up the wall! I truly think nothing can break the bond between a mother and son, which is why it is so critical we understand such a bond.

The authors end the book with hot topics such as spanking and discipline, sensitive or intuitive boys, ADD and ADHD, and topics dealing with mature subjects such as sex and other issues.

Recommended resources round out the discussion and it is a thorough and well thought out and researched discussion. This book is a gift to moms and dads of boys of all ages. If your sons are grown, buy it to know how to change your relationship. Buy it for your sons as they raise their own sons.

I'm sharing this with my adopted daughter and my grandson to be. I want her equipped to raise him in the nurture and admonishment of God Himself. This book will get her off to a successful start.

"Wild Things" gets the Golden Bookmark for writing and research excellence with a golden light saber as a charm...'cause you know every boy in America and beyond wants his own! Don't miss out on this valuable tool for parents everywhere.
Happy Reading!


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