Monday, January 12, 2009

The New Testament: Your Guidebook by Envoy House Publishers

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Ever wish you had something to give new believers, especially young children who are just beginning to explore the Bible? Well, Envoy House has a GREAT resource that is perfect for children and adults who've never experienced the Bible.

"The New Testament: Your Guidebook" is wonderful, colorful, and resourceful. The book begins with a section titled "Explore Your Bible", introducing the reader to God's Book in easy to understand language. Tips on memorizing Scripture, asking questions about what you read, and some of the helpful items in this book are laid out for you.

Selections from the Old Testament are included as well. We take for granted the old stories that are true, taught to us in Sunday School and Bible Study as we grew up. But many coming to faith have no idea who Noah is or the true story of creation.

This book will introduce the reader to some basic Bible knowledge that is both useful and entertaining--and reading the Bible should be entertaining, as well as beneficial for Spiritual growth.

Each book of the New Testament is broken down into easy to read bites that are illustrated beautifully. Anyone can enjoy this book...especially families. I could see this being used for family devotional times and that just makes me smile!

What great resources Envoy House Publishers puts out! Check out their website for more information, and consider donations to Samaritan's Purse. We who believe need to share so that more can know the faith in Christ we have.

Happy Reading!


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