Monday, January 12, 2009

Hooked by Joe S. McIlhaney, Jr. M.D. and Freda McKissic Bush, M.D.

Most of us would agree that casual sex is not only risky, but harmful to today's society. But could we back up our opinion with fact? I could, using Scripture.

Problem is, most don't agree that the Bible is the authority on all things. That's why I'm glad I discovered this book...

While "Hooked" reads like a textbook, it is must reading for any family (or person) in today's society who is interested in the truth about sex. In the church, we need to know our stuff, and reading a book like this gives us ample evidence that casual sex is destroying our society.

Some may think that's extreme. Science has shown that casual sexual encounters not only increase risk of STD's and pregnancy, but interferes with natural bonding in relationships.

We're made like sticky tape for each other. And the more people we stick to prior to marriage, the less sticky we get. That can interrupt bonding in many areas of life, such as parenting.

Casual sexual encounters, as well as multiple partners also leads to depression, which the authors explain in great detail. This book even tackles the issues of addiction, and why some become addicted to hooking up.

With diagrams that map out the human brain and its response to sexual stimuli as well as which hormones trigger which responses, "Hooked" makes an excellent case for abstinence.

Which is why you won't hear much about it. But I wish this was a required text in every health education course in America. Maybe we'd be able to genuinely love one another again instead of popping out of bed like Pop tarts in toasters.

Don't believe me? Take a peek at "Hooked" may just find yourself hooked on waiting until marriage! I'm giving the book four out of five bookmarks, with a dictionary as a charm...because it reads like a textbook, some might be discouraged from reading it.

Which is why it needs to be TAUGHT! 'Nuff said on that!

Happy Reading!


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Kim said...

WOW, Deena! This looks like a very valuable resource! Thanks for the look!