Monday, January 5, 2009

Gingham Mountain by Mary Connealy

When I first discovered Mary Connealy's books, I stated that she had brought fun back to the old western romance and revitalized the genre.

I'm here to correct myself: Mary Connealy OWNS the genre, and she proves it in the third edition of the "Lassoed In Texas" series, "Gingham Mountain". Filled with heart, laughter and some suspense for good measure, this book kept me up into the wee hours of the night.

Grant has no last name--and he doesn't want one. He wants to continue to identify with the passel of orphans he's adopting. Children from all walks of life who've been abandoned and left all alone with barely anything to their name. It's a custom made family that is built on love--anyone can see that.

Except for Hannah.

She too is an orphan, but her experience as an abandoned child is far different from Grant's. Remembering the abuse and the mistreatment, she has made it her mission to take Grant's children away from him.

Where she'll take them to...well, she hasn't thought that far ahead! So she finds herself trapped into becoming the local school teacher. What better way to keep an eye on Grant and his brood!

One problem. Hannah's not a school teacher. Nor a cook, or a mom, or any of those womanly things she longs to be.

When things heat up between Grant and Hannah, will they combust, or turn into something beautiful? Will the few in town who are prejudiced run Grant and his kids back out to Gingham Mountain again, out of the school and away from their businesses?

And if you've read the previous books, you'll be pleased to know we see old friends from "Petticoat Ranch" and "Calico Canyon" in this book as well.

I'm hoping like crazy that Mary's not done with Grant, Hannah, Grace and the rest of this madcap wild west bunch of folk! For now, I'm giving "Gingham Mountain" five out of five bookmarks, with a lantern as a charm--Grant's going to need all the light he can get to maneuver with this bunch!

Happy Reading!



CherryBlossomMJ said...

I love Mary's books, and I REALLY LOVE this book!!

kalea_kane said...

Oh I just love her! Thanks for the review, Deena!

I also gave you a blog award that I hope you get a moment to check out.


Kelly :)

Mary Connealy said...

Hi, there. Thanks so, so, so much for these kind words, Deena.
I don't think there were enough so's there........

God bless you and thanks Cherryblossom and Kelly, too. :)

Holly said...

These look good. I need to check them out.