Saturday, January 17, 2009

For Those Who Don't Know...

I've started a new blog, designed to allow us time to really dig in to some of the books that have changed MY life as I've read them for review.

This is my dream of a book discussion group, on-line (I'd rather have you all in my home drinking coffee and tea and eating munchies as we discuss--but plane fare vs. new get the picture:-)

The doorway to "Going Deeper" is just a click away!

We're intentionlly moving slowly through the first four chapters to allow time to either get the book or to get more bloggers involved.

Come February, we kick it into high gear, no matter who's on board! Our book this time around is "The Beautiful Fight" by Gary Thomas, published by Zondervan. Pick up a copy to join in the discussion...or just jump in.

Owning the book isn't necessary, but it will allow you to get more out of Going Deeper. And the blog looks rather plain (kind of like My Bookshelf does now...maintenance at another hosting site is going on...if it isn't fixed soon, I'll have to look for a blog designer again:-(

But the discussion is truly Going consider joining us, won't you?

Happy Reading!


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lovedandamazed said...

Deena, I haven't had time to peek in on your Going Deeper blog because we've had family visiting ever since the holidays. I am hoping that starting next week I'll have a little more online time... and some good discussion sounds like fun! You'll probably see me over there then. God bless you today!