Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Safely Through The Night by Elena Pasquali & Dubravka Kolanovic


Dreams are sweet and fun sometimes, aren't they? In "Safely Through The Night" little Emily has one of the most imaginative ones I've read yet.

As she snuggles into her bed with Cinnamon Bear and her blanket, Hug, Emily is all ready to drift off. A shooting star flashes in the night sky, and as she falls asleep, a starbeam comes knocking on her bedroom window.

What could it be? As Emily grabs onto it, she and her bedtime companions are swept away into the night sky. Together they roll up the wandering beam, finally ending up at its end.

A fun bedtime tale filled with imagination and glow-in-the-dark illustrations, I can imagine the fun you'll have reading this with your children as they prepare to drift off to sleep.

Once again, the illustrations are delightful and whimsical. This new publisher has a way with matching story to illustrator in the most perfect way. I've found a new children's book company to love!

I'm giving "Safely Through The Night" five out of five bookmarks with a shooting star as a charm, complete with sparkling trail. Enjoy reading this to your children--be sure to get a copy in time for Christmas!

Happy Reading!


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Lindsey said...

Wonderful wonderful review! I aspire to be able to write as well as you. :-)

And this book looks sooo sweet, I so want a copy to read to my daughter!