Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Misfortune Cookies by Linda P. Kozar


As a huge fan of cozy mysteries, I read a shelf full of them. Some of my new favorites are published by Heartsong Presents Mysteries, and this little pocket sized book packs a lot of fun in 250 pages--plus recipes!

I first wondered about Linda's novel--these two gals are a bit whack, if you don't mind my saying so. Filled with colorful twang and talk, a paragraph or two lets you know you've made your way to the deep south.

Lovita and Sue Jan are lifelong pals, working side by side at Lovita's beauty shop and beautique, "Lovita's Cut and Strut" (think Steel Magnolia's salon). Both are bountiful women, and both are looking for Mr. Right--even Mr. Not So Wrong!

Sue Jan is in love with the local chef at Chung's Hong Kong Garden, one of two Chinese food eateries in Wachita, Texas. Trouble is, Hans Han doesn't feel the same toward her--especially when she's insulting his Kung Pao Chicken.

When the fortune cookies come to wrap up the ladies' meal, breaking them apart opens up a can of worms for Lovita: turns out, her daddy may have been murdered all those years ago.

Can two darlin' divas from the south and one love-struck lawyer named Monroe get to the bottom of the fortune cookie caper? Who sent the mysterious fortune, and where is the man in the cowboy hat?

Fun, frolics and a hint of danger coat the pages of this delightful cozy mystery. I'm looking forward to more from "Until the Fat Lady Sings" series by Linda P. Kozar! Her message of faith in Christ is woven into the story like a gorgeous, shimmering thread of hope. Linda knows the perfect balance to introduce her readers to the saving knowledge of Jesus in her stories.

My only quibble is the seemingly slapstick antics of the two friends. The southern style gets a bit heavy handed and leaves me think Lucy and Ethel instead of Cagney and Lacy! I had a hard time digging in...of course, once I'd finished...I wanted to read another book an hour later!

Sorry...I couldn't resist!

"Misfortune Cookies" receives three out of five bookmarks for me, with a set of chopsticks as a charm. If you haven't taken advantage of the Heartsong Presents Mysteries club, now's the perfect time to sign up!

Happy Reading!


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