Friday, December 5, 2008

25 Reviews of Christmas: The Red Suit Diaries by


This is a fun and light-hearted read...that will have a few tears leaking from page to page. If only the message of Santa Claus was like this everywhere in the world this year...


"The Red Suit Diaries" is the memoir of one of the most famous of Santa's, Ed Butchart. From his faith in Christ to the moment he met his precious wife, Annie, Mr. Butchart shares it all.

His first moment as Santa nearly did him in...scaring his friend's toddler didn't bode well for his ho-ho-ho future! But eventually, his desire to help others in need trumped his fear of screaming children sitting on his lap.

Mr. Butchart shares amazing and heart warming stories of his experiences as Santa Claus. He is a very different style of Santa, though. Remember those Christmas ornaments with Santa kneeling at the manger of Jesus?

That's Ed Butchart. He makes no apologies for his faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and he takes great pains to keep the true message of Christmas in every appearance as Santa... or out of costume. Let this little book restore your hope in the heart of Christmas, and encourage you to share yourself and your faith during this Christmas season.

I'm giving "The Red Suit Diaries" four out of five bookmarks, with a pair of black boots as a charm. Bring some of the magic of Christmas back into your hectic holiday--because as 'Santa' says, the magic of Christmas is love. And the message of Christmas is Jesus!

Happy Reading!


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kalea_kane said...

This sounds absolutely charming. :) Thanks Deena!