Saturday, December 20, 2008

All Time Favorite: 25 Reviews of Christmas: The Everything Family Christmas Book by Yvonne Jeffery


Another all time favorite! I love collections that have to do with Christmas, and this ginormous book has just about everything....


I'm a huge fan of the Everything books...and this is my all time favorite. Why, you ask? Because, when it comes to Christmas, this book has...well...EVERYTHING! Hence, the title of the book!

It opens with the top 10 ways to make Christmas meaningful for your family. Topping the list is find a favorite Christmas story and read it every year. May I recommend Luke chapters 1-2 to you?

Next we find out about the history of Christmas, which is fascinating to read. Of course, St. Nick comes next, and his history is also filled with interesting tidbits of information.

Learn more about Christmas traditions and about the trimmings of Christmas, such as why red and green, and where the Christmas bonus (hurray!) began. Of course, in these economic times, that may be a sore subject...

...moving on...

Enjoy stories of Christmas with some well known tales penned by Louisa May Alcott, Hans Christian Andersen and others. Included are some Christmas poems, Christmas carols and a chapter on the most beloved Christmas movies.

Chapter Ten is a look at Christmas through the century, beginning in 1900 and moving through today. That will help you rethink how we celebrate Christmas in this postmodern, techno-savvy age! So will reading Christmas around the world--maybe it's time to go back to the older, simpler ways--you think?

Finally, we have a chapter on creating your own traditions and some holiday entertaining tips. Of course, no book on Christmas is complete without recipes, and this one has some new ones to try.

As I said, the title pretty much says it all--for the ultimate Christmas fan, this is the book for you. It doesn't top my list, but it is in the top ten favorites now. Tomorrow, I'll share with you my all time favorite Christmas book--second only to the true story of Christmas found in Luke chapters 1 and 2.

Merry Christmas Eve, Bloggy Friends!

Happy Reading!


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