Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Toon Books--A New Innovated Series for Reluctant Readers!

One of the joys of being a reviewer is finding out about great new books and innovative ways to motivate the most reluctant reader!


"Mo and Jo Fighting Together Forever" is about siblings who can't seem to get along--not that we know what THAT'S like, huh? When the Mighty Mojo appears and gives them his superpowers, the two have to find out how to combine forces to fight off Saw-Jaw.


"Jack and the Box" is designed for a brand new reader. With easy vocabulary and few words, this story is told through excellent and humorous illustrations that will delight any child. Jack gets a new toy in a box...problem is, he isn't sure what's in that box. Children discover as Jack discovers, making this a fun book that will spark conversation between parent and child.


"Stinky" was my favorite--and not because of the frog in the story! When Stinky has to learn to share his swamp with of all things, a BOY, he learns that pre-judging is wrong and can rob us of some good friendships and relationships.

I shared these books with my 14 year old son, and his comment was "Where were these kinds of books when I was learning to read??" Even my 18 year old daughter would have appreciated such an innovative way to motivate reading through comic book style writing and creative storytelling.

I had so much fun reading this series...and there is so much more waiting for you at the Toon Book website. Go check it out! I'm giving "Toon Books" five out of five bookmarks with a package of colored pencils as a charm---maybe these will spark your OWN child's toon book!

Happy Reading!


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