Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Give the gift of life this Christmas....A Very Special Blog Tour!


Hands of Hope, a charity of Women Helping Women A World Away, is announcing that their Holiday Gift Cards are available for purchase. These cards provide food,
income and water for impoverished women and children in Zambia, Uganda, and
Southern Sudan.

They can be purchased on the Hands of Hope website for $15.00, $30.00 and $50.00. Purchasing these cards will provide goats, chickens or wells to help change lives. What could be a more meaningful gift for holiday giving for family, friends, and customer appreciation?

Hands of Hope helps mobilize communities to respond to the needs of women and children around the world. With an ever-expanding support base in the Chicago area, Hands of Hope works to raise community awareness regarding poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa and its relevance globally.

We are confident in the integrity of the channels we have established so that contributions provide the highest possible impact for the most critical needs.


A Chicken Card will purchase a gift of twelve chicks and be given to an impoverished family in Africa. As the flock multiplies, a struggling family will be given the hope to survive. Your gift will help those in need for generations to come.


A Goat Card represents an actual goat being purchased for a needy family. Beyond providing much needed milk, a few goats can quickly become a herd, providing sustenance and additional income that can make the difference between whether a child goes to school or not.


A Well Card will go toward funding a well in the Western Province of Zambia. statistics show that nearly half of all people in developing countries suffer from health related problems caused by unsafe water. In addition, African women and children spend several hours every day collecting water, using time that could be spent caring for other needs.


The cards:

Purchase cards:

How HOH got their start:

Current Projects:

Contact at Hands of Hope:

VickyWauterlek, Hands of Hope

VWAU, 847-381-7367

Get involved, and make Christmas hold real meaning this year!

Happy Reading!



Lalycairn said...

Deena, is this a Christ based organizations? Is there some sharing of the gospel that goes on as well as the critters and training? I REALLY want to put a goat/chicken/well card in my kids stockings this year instead of the usual stuff, but I also want to know it's not a secular organization. Is that weird?

Deena said...

No, that's NOT weird at all. A very legitimate concern. I'll go check out the website and do a little digging, but I received this from a Christian blogging source, so I assumed it was.

Lalycairn said...

I looked at the website too, and couldn't tell. I almost thought not, but wasn't sure. Ugh. ;)

Deena said...

Here's the response I received:

HOH is not a designated Christian organization...that is not the way the LORD led me to start it. We work with all women in the community...out of the relationships that were built working together, women have come to know Christ...and 99% of the money that we have raised has gone to great Christian organizations like World Relief who are our partners in Zambia; Opportunity International, SIM, etc.