Sunday, November 9, 2008

Do You See What I See? by Ross Parsley


Christmas is just a short time away, and already I've got some great reading lined up! This short but powerful book from Ross Parsley kicks off my holiday reading season.

"Do You See What I See?" examines the Christmas story with new eyes. Written during a trying time for the pastor of New Life Church, this non-fiction title shares how ordinary people are called to do extraordinary things in the most extraordinary ways.

Using the lyrics of the classic Christmas song, Ross takes the beloved story from Luke apart and illustrates how much of our lives parallel what God did on that holy night.

Why pick Mary and Joseph? Why a stable? Why appear to shepherds, and why use them to spread the word about the Christ child's birth? What was God trying to do amidst the events of that world changing event?

Ross uses these questions and more to springboard into how God often takes the most painful of circumstances to do the most glorifying things. Not to glorify us, but to remind us of His glory.

If you're feeling discouraged during the last months of this year, or if circumstances have you a bit befuddled, read this book. The story is short but the message is powerful.

I'm giving "Do You See What I See?" five out of five bookmarks with a Christmas manger scene as a charm. This would be a wonderful gift for those who are struggling through trials, tragedies, or who are filled with questions this holiday season.

Happy Reading!


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Sandy said...

Book sounds very interesting..I would love to read this.