Friday, November 28, 2008

Author of the Month: Christy Barritt's Body of Work

Books by Christy Barritt:

Suspicious Minds

Kregel Publications

June 2008


Rock and roll may never die, but the King is definitely dead . . . again.

In this smart and suspenseful sequel to Hazardous Duty, crime-scene cleaner Gabby St. Claire finds herself stuck doing mold remediation to pay the bills. But her first day on the job, she uncovers a surprise in the crawlspace of a dilapidated home: Elvis, dead as a doornail and still wearing his blue suede shoes. How could she possibly keep her nose out of a case like this?

Hazardous Duty

Kregel Publications

October 2006

ISBN: 0825420164

She always wanted to be a forensic pathologist. But when circumstances force her to drop out of school, Gabby St. Claire starts a crime scene-cleaning business. Suddenly a routine job turns up a murder weapon, and Gabby and her neighbor Riley realize that the wrong man is behind bars! Will they catch the real killer?

Changed: True Stories of Finding God in Christian Music

Standard Publishing

May 2005

ISBN: 0784715270

How many times has it happened to you? You need a distraction from the here and now, so you hit a button on the radio or your MP3 player. Then a song strikes you--the beat, the lyrics, the voice of the singer. Something just changes your mood, your outlook, your actions--you. Millions of people listen to Christian music, and many have experienced incredible transformations through its influence. Changed is a collection of true stories from real people--people like you--who have experienced God's power in their lives through listening to Christian music. This book includes stories from people who have been transformed through the influence of music. Changed turns the spotlight on a new dimension of the power of Christian music.

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