Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bittersweet by Cathy Marie Hake (Reviewed by Victoria)


Laney McCain has spent most of life chasing after Galen O'Sullivan, never quite realizing that God has a plan for her and Galin and it's better than any she could come up with herself. "Bittersweet" ties in with the first book in this series 'Letter Perfect'.

After the death of his father, Galen struggles to take care of his mother and brothers on his own. Laney just seems to be the pesky little sister of his friend, Josh McCain.

Once God finally opens his to eyes the woman Laney has become, three strangers appear on the outskirts of his land asking to stay on as help. Is it too late now for Laney and Galin to finally be together as she has dreamed of for so long?

Or will these newcomers get in the way?

I love Cathy Marie Hake's writing style. Yet again, she paints a beautiful picture with her words and has me feeling everything that Laney and Galin feel. As someone who has chased after more than her fair share of men, it's refreshing to be reminded that God has everything in control and 99% of the time his plan is way better than any hair-brained scheme I came up with on my own.

Live long and prosper ;)

Happy Reading!


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