Thursday, October 30, 2008

Urgent Prayer Needed--NOW!

Janet K. Grant is a stellar agent for many of the authors we love.

Her husband is in the hospital with bleeding in his brain and he is not doing well--suddenly taking a turn for the worse.

Please forward this announcement and organize prayer for Loch and Janet Grant NOW.

Show her we love her for more than books and authors--our brother and sister in Christ need us!

Happy Reading!



Linda Stokdyk said...

Father, I lift up Loch Grant and his wife Janet to you now for healing. Lord, let the medications given to stop this bleeding do their job and heal this man so he may further glorify your kingdom. Thank you Jesus for healing and for the privilege of praying for my Christian brothers and sisters. Amen.

Tarasview said...

oh no! Praying!!!

Sharon A. Lavy said...


Victoria Gaines said...

Praying for Loch Grant right now, that the Lord would reign and rule with healing...Lord please stabilize and work through the doctors and medicine...give peace, comfort, and a strong sense of Your presence.

Kim said...

I'm just now seeing this. I will certainly be lifting them up!