Thursday, October 30, 2008

Addicted To Stress by Debbie Mandel


Here's a question for you: what are you addicted to? I'd guess when I ask that, the last thing you think of is stress. Newsflash: in today's society, I do believe many of us are.

I know I am. Sort of.

Debbie Mandel's examination of our stress addiction is enlightening and she makes some interesting points. Her seven step program to breaking your stress addiction is easy to follow, and makes a lot of common sense.

1) Be aware of your own stress addiction
2) Reclaim your identity
3) Learn to become a healthy narcissist
4) Build a healthy body
5) Cultivate your sense of fun and humor
6) Jump-start your libido
7) Reframe your thoughts.

Filled with tips and anecdotes, Debbie's book is easy reading--and even enjoyable. I plan on incorporating many of the ideas in her book.

HOWEVER, some of this book flies in the face of faith--and to that, I say beware. Any book you read, regardless of message or genre, MUST be read side by side with Scripture.

For instance, point #3 completely contradicts the Biblical admonishment to "die to self and live for Christ". Still, some of what Debbie discusses doesn't truly fall in the category of self-absorption. Some does, though, and that doesn't set well with me.

So, I give this book a mixed review. While much of the counsel found in its pages is helpful, some of it contradicts what I believe as a woman of faith. I gleaned a lot of wisdom from its pages, and found it very well written.

It just doesn't live up to the standard of the Bible; too much emphasis on self in what I consider an unhealthy way. I don't feel completely comfortable recommending it--so I'm giving "Addicted To Stress" three out of five bookmarks.

Please keep in mind--if what you read doesn't match God's Word, go with God's Word as your final authority--that's ONE BOOK I have NO PROBLEM recommending to you:-)

Happy Reading!


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