Monday, October 27, 2008

Guest Review: Guys Like Girls Who by Chad Eastham (Reviewed by KT)!


I personally reviewed this book myself not long ago. But I used my 18 year old daughter to find out if I was just looking at it through "Mom Eyes"--did this really hit home with teen girls?

Here's the result of that:

Chad Eastham's view on how guys like girls, as he writes in this book, was way more interesting and easier to grab onto than the message in his other book. He uses specific things that girls tend to do or feel like to explain how guys react.

Chad also uses actual experiences from girls to illustrate his point of view as a guy, as well as talking to real guys for their views. This is a great book for a teen girl devotional or Bible study.

I used it as a discussion starter with the group I went to Revolve with, and we talked until midnight! Every girl got her own copy to read, because they wanted to know more about what we were talking about.

I think that if you're wanting to begin a study or wanting to really know about what guys look for, this is the book for you. Chad covers things we deal with daily as teens and as adults also--so I'm glad my mom read it too.

And that's all she wrote about THAT.

Happy Reading!


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