Sunday, October 5, 2008

Author of the Month: Why I Love Sharon Hinck!

There are SO many reasons why I Adore this woman, I thought I'd list a few:

1) She adores Jesus with passion.

2) Her characters could be me, or one of my best friends.

3) She writes with transparency.

4) She loves her 'book buddies' and prays for US often.

5) She is truly humble about her gifts.

6) Her blogs are lyrical and real.

7) Sharon writes the kinds of books I read over, and over, and over again.

8) She ALWAYS leaves me wanting more.

9) Her message of Christ is ever-present in her work, her interviews, and her emails.

10) Sharon is just a beautiful woman of God with a heart so huge it's a wonder she doesn't tip over:-)

Now, tell me why YOU love Sharon, or why you are falling in love with her...and I'll draw a winner of a $5.00 Starbucks card and a lil' sumpin' from Sharon on Oct. 12th!

Happy Reading!



Deborah said...

Everyone of her books just keeps you drawn in from her mom-lit to contemporary to her fantasy. And speaking of fantasy, I"m not a fantasy reader at all but her restorer series kept me reading and may have produced a new fan. Oh and it doesn't hurt that her new book is based in my hometown!!!

Anonymous said...

Sharon Hinck is absolutely AMAZING! I thought that writers like that didn't exist anymore. I read "The Restorer" so quickly. It was fantastic! I can't wait to read the rest of her books. Basically, she's a one of a kind author with a true love for Jesus. Rock on, Sharon!

Karen said...

I love her books because I can relate to them. (well, Becky Miller. Not so much to the Restorer. But I LOVED those. I remember the moment when I GOT it in the first book. Just great!) I'm always excited to see a new book by her. (and I have to praise her consistancy. Haven't seen a so-so book yet. They're all fantastic!)

Unknown said...

I had the opportunity to meet Sharon and 7 of her Fantasy Friends on the Motiv8 tour when they stopped here in the Portland area omn their way to Medford. The whole group were great to talk to and so into meeting readers it was great.

Sharon and I talked for quite a bit and she asked for a pic with me. Now how cool is that? I don't usually ask for pics as I'm more into just meeting the authors and getting to know them along with maybe an autograph but of course who can say no when a wonderful writer who has kept you entertained for hours and treats you like one of her girlfriends the first time you meet asks for a picture? I sure wouldn't and didn't LOL. Anyway she is such a sweet gal and so cool to meet in person.


Nise' said...

The Becky Miller books came into my life at a time when I needed to hear their message!!

apple blossom said...

I've never read her books or even heard of her, however, I love good Christian lit. So that would put her on my list of good authors. I'd love to win one of her books to see what her writing is like.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Rel said...

Ah, Shazza! What a humble, generous and lovely lady and I've never met her in person! If she can exude all that in her writing and emails, special doesn't begin to describe her :)

Hugs from Jane ;-)

ReadingRobin said...

I have never had the pleasure of reading any of her novels yet, BUT after reading why you love her, and I like all your recommendations, I think I might be starting to love her as well. Thanks for introducing us to old and new authors, this is really fun!
cmrobin at bellsouth net

Sharon Hinck said...

Okay, you guys have me blushing.
But how lovely to have love poured out on me while I'm on tour. We're having amazing encounters with beautiful folk...but I admit it's physically challenging, so thank you for fueling me with your love and good wishes. Melissa, it was SUCH a joy to meet you at the Gazebo.

Deena, thank you again for being a cheering section. I tend to droop pretty easily within this writing calling and the hard aspects of the industry. Your encouragement is making me pray for God to strengthen me for more (and deeper and more skilled) writing. BLESSINGS EVERYONE!

Kim said...

Sharon is the first person to write fantasy that I enjoyed!! The Restorer series is amazing! And the poetry - amazing! She just ooozes love for the Lord!! I think she is phenomenal!


Crystal M. said...

I haven't read anything by Sharon Hinck yet. I've seen and read reviews for her work and now I'm following your 'Author of the Month' blogging about her. I'm definitely adding her to my must read list - starting with 'Stepping into Sunlight'. I'd love a chance to win one of her books (and a Starbucks gift card doesn't hurt!).
~Crystal M.

Joyce said...

I'm blessed to count Sharon as my friend. We met in Bible Study at church and became immediate friends. How can someone who IS the person next door (well, within a few miles of home) write such beautiful books?? When she first began to tell me about THE RESTORER series I was a bit dismayed. You see, I've never liked Fantasy very well. I knew she'd want me to read it - and then she'd want to know what I thought of it. To my amazement, I LOVED it. I mean I REALLY LOVED IT. How can a Fantasy story teach me the power of the Word to overcome the lies of the enemy?? And in such a way that it stays with me now over a year later?? (And it was so woven into the story that there was no sense of heavy handedly being hit over the head about it...!)
I'm just amazed that the girl next door can write such stories, and within those stories so much truth - but written so naturally and believably into the story.
How I wish everyone would pick up a Sharon Hinck book and fall in love with her story-telling gift.
Oh - enter me for the Starbucks card - and anything from Sharon. I own all her books, but I would love one to share - my copies are staying on my shelf :-)
Joyce - joycehaase[at]

Anonymous said...

I resonate best with her Becky Miller series. I read it at a time when I needed it the most and learned some valuable lessons. I loved how Sharon would begin each chapter with a wild fantasy. I have such a vivid imagination too!
Fmartin816 at comcast dot net

Stonefox said...

I have never read anything by Sharon, but as I've looked around here, read her comments, checked out her books, I love how down to earth she seems to be! I admire someone who is willing to get their hands dirty and rub shoulders with others in the process of writing.

Can't wait to read one of her books!