Friday, October 17, 2008

Author of the Month: Sharon Hinck and her "snackin' secrets revealed"!

A friend hosted a Restorer party –

by making “caradoc skewers” (lamb with Trader Joe BBQ sauce)
“orberry juice” (Trader Joe blood orange juice) and
“clavo” (chai tea with extra cloves) and
multi-grain bread loaves.

My personal writing fuel sometimes includes root-beer barrel hard candy –
or lemon drops.
And Coke with a key-lime squeezed into it.

And I love tidying my work space and sharpening all my pencils (even though I write on the computer).

I also love sitting in the backyard with my laptop to write.

Hmmm, you learn a lot about an author by what she snacks we can see Sharon's a bit of a tidy-writer:-) And if you're wondering about "Clavo" and "Caradoc Skewers"...stick around for tomorrow's treat!

Happy Reading!


1 comment:

Rel said...

We have an American in our book club and she became very excited in our discussion when Sharon told us she liked a mix of Cheerios, Chex (can't get them here) and peanuts - LOL!!!

A bit strange for our Aussie taste buds :)