Thursday, October 9, 2008

Abiding Hope and Love by Connie Arnold


Once again, I shouldn't be shocked at God's timing! Connie's book arrived in my mailbox in time to remind me of the power of hope in times of desperate pain, and of love to heal any wound that life brings.

"Abiding Hope and Love" is a collection of poems written by Connie. Just the cover of the book alone refreshes the soul! Inside, selections are arranged by general topics such as hope, love, family, nature and many more.

Some are simple--two lines that hold so much meaning. Some are lyrical, verses you can almost sing in your heart. Connie's poems could read as blessings on a newborn baby or a new marriage just starting out.

This little book has so much depth. Perfect for morning devotional time or evening relaxation, "Abiding Hope and Love" is an excellent companion for your daily Scripture reading.

I'm keeping my copy handy for this turbulent time our family is weathering. Few things can put a smile on my face, but Connie's poetry brought a glimmer of hope to me on one of my darkest days.

"Abiding Hope and Love" is published by Publish America and is available online at most bookstores and book purchasing sites. I'm rating it four out of five bookmarks, with a gorgeous butterfly as a charm.

Happy Reading!



Connie Arnold said...

Thank you for the beautiful review, Deena! You have shared what I've learned from so many others, that God is speaking to people's hearts through the poems that they need to hear. I'm sorry your family is going through such a turbulent time but thankful that Abiding Hope and Love brought you a glimmer of hope as God's light shone through your darkness.

Holly said...

Lovely review. This looks terrific and as you said, very timely.

lynnmosher said...

A lovely review, Deena. I pray Connie's words will uplift and encourage you in whatever circumstance life has thrown at you. Be blessed with peace and comfort...Lynn

Cheri Hardaway said...


Thanks for sharing about Connie's book. Everyone can use an inspirational Bible companion.

I am praying for your family.