Friday, September 26, 2008

The Love Dare by Stephen and Alex Kendrick


Few of you have seen the movie yet; some have (at advanced screenings). Still, I have this uncanny notion that you HAVE heard about a small book, featured in the film, that's sweeping churches across the nation.

I'm here to let you know--it's WORTH the hype! "The Love Dare" is a project created by brothers Stephen and Alex Kendrick, the creators of "Flywheel", "Facing the Giants", and "Fireproof".

In the movie, Caleb receives a journal from his father, called The Love Dare. In it, Caleb is challenged to love his wife for the next 40 days, following the Biblically based counsel on each day in the book.

The interest was so high in such a book, the Kendrick brothers found themselves creating a book about a fictional element in the movie! What came from that interest is a devotional book that can revolutionize any marriage if the two involved will allow it.

Each day has a devotional reading, then an assignment. The tasks range from restraining from any negative comments for a day, to doing something for your spouse that says "I was thinking of you today".

Nothing in this book is's merely practical teaching on how we should live as husbands and wives according to Scripture. The Kendrick brothers cite Scripture on each day, and I found it to be sound and wise counsel.

"The Love Dare" has the look and feel of a journal handed down from generation to generation, just like we see in the movie. I'm excited about the potential of this book, as used by God's Spirit, to change marriages in our churches today.

No matter how good your marriage is, can't it always grow to be better? I have a fantastic marriage, but my husband and I are busy people. "The Love Dare" shoves the business aside and brings Christ back to the focus, which in turn helps us love one another better.

I cannot wait to see the movie again tonight. I'm even more excited about the teaching our church is doing on "The Love Dare". I highly recommend this unique and valuable resource to spouses, couples, ministry groups, and pastors. I'm giving "The Love Dare" the golden bookmark, with a golden heart as a charm.

Get your copy today! Begin it tomorrow...and watch as God changes your marriage into what He's wanted it to be all along.

Happy Reading!



Karla Meachem said...

Excellent review!

Mind me asking where you picked up your copy? I thought it wasn't released yet...

Gina C said...

I saw the movie and have the book and I'm sooo stoked about my hubby seeing it! We're going tomorrow and I'll post on the book soon!