Friday, September 26, 2008



Hi Reading Buddies!

WOW! Where did the month go?? How much fun has this been for you--it's been a BLAST for me! I've met some GREAT new reading friends...hope they stick around after the giveaways end:-)

We only have four more days before the GIANT GIVEAWAYS begin!

As of right now, over 80 bloggers are entered for the $30.00 gift card to anywhere bookish.

And as of today...the grand prize winner will receive NO LESS THAN 9 BOOKS IN THEIR BOX! And you won't BELIEVE what I'm offering on September 30th! Even I want to win, and I own them:-)

I wish I were you....but then, I wouldn't be me, and who knows if "not me" would be this generous...I doubt it, don't you?? LOL!!

Anyhoo, all drawings will close at MIDNIGHT ON SEPTEMBER spread the word...four days to enter counting today.

HUGE GINORMOUS GRAND PRIZE DRAWING ANNOUNCED ON SEPTEMBER 30th! Winner will be drawn on October 7th---gives one week to enter.

In the meantime, be watching for my NEW FEATURE--Author of the Month. That promises some cool offerings and lots of good reading! Steal the graphic--I left it around here somewhere--OH! Here it is!


and begin posting to win a prize!

Happy Reading!



CherryBlossomMJ said...

*sigh* Book haven, heaven, both I suppose. :)

Lia said...

You are sooo awesome for doing this! Thank you so much! I read books so fast, I don't have time to go to the library and pick through all the stuff their to find a semi decent book. Thank you!

Tara said...

my goodness, these posts are going up so fast I can barely keep up!!

lisa said...


I'm sure you've heard this so many times, but you've done such a super job through out this month. I have no idea how you kept up but you did it wonderfully!

God bless and keep you!

windycindy said...

I always enjoy your site and this has been extremely wonderful and fun! I can't wait to see what surprise you have up your sleeve. Thanks for the good times.....Cindi

Kim said...

Deena, tomorrow I will be posting a link over here to tell folks about the Author of the Month feature coming up!

Just letting you know!