Friday, September 12, 2008

Goodbye, Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson


It is so hard to say goodbye to a dear friend...even if that friend is a literary character. Lisa Samson has created a young girl that springs to life on every page and has wormed her way into my heart (as well as my daughter's--did you hear her cry of "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!").

Scotty Dawn is Hollywood Nobody. At least, she was. When the series first began, Scotty had a blog that followed the in's and out's of Hollywood. But the title captured more than just a blog--it was how Scotty felt about herself.

Flash forward to the fourth and final installment of this unique and amazing series. In "Goodbye, Hollywood Nobody", Lisa answers some questions that have lingered throughout the books. Relationships begin, and relationships end.

The blog? It is no more. Scotty finds something far more valuable and enriching than following Hollywood's young elite. And Scotty sees herself as more valuable and precious in the Lord's eyes as well.

This novel is the perfect wrap up to Lisa's young adult series. Questions are answered, but not in a neat and tidy way, which lends to the authentic voice of the stories. Scotty is most definitely still working out her fledgling faith, and she is so refreshingly honest about her struggles that she'll inspire girls (and women) everywhere to be the same way in their own lives.

What will happen to Scotty and her wacky traveling partners? Will she find the answers to the few questions that remain in her life? And who will stay and who will leave by the end of this tale?

Those are questions you'll have to find the answers to by reading "Goodbye, Hollywood Nobody." I'm definitely sad to have to say goodbye. But a piece of Scotty lives on in those who read her story...because Lisa's writing is that powerful.

I'm giving "Goodbye, Hollywood Nobody" five out of five bookmarks, with an RV as a charm. Pick up this series and share it with your daughters (or with your moms). This is a wonderful series to share!

Happy Reading!


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The Bookworm said...

sounds like a great series.
at least you can re-read them.