Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day #17 of "30 Books in 30 Days" Giveaway!!


For THIS WEEK, here's how we'll do this:

1) First, read the original post with rules and such.

2) I post a book every day that I'm giving away.

3) You leave a comment at the posted books you'd like to win.


That's it! Those are the rules for the next 7 giveaways! Now, remember, I'm giving away at least ONE book on September 30th...but the higher my hit counter goes, the more books someone's going to win:-) So spread the word for me...

Today's Giveaway Is:

Click the cover to read the review! Leave your comment HERE to be entered:-)

Happy Reading!!



CherryBlossomMJ said...

Oh oh! Pick me!! This is one that never arrived that I always wanted to read. (I'll even take a used copy *wink*).

Now, about a book that I read a review of on your blog that made me want to or either read it... Hold on, let me check...

Well I was going to look at goodreads, since I know I put in there the ones you recommended, but I cannot seem to find an easy way to see that... So, let me do something else...

The Shape of Mercy for one, it's not here yet, but I'm getting it because of your review. The Rook I ordered because of your review, don't have it yet either. I also ordered or rather begged for The Shadow of Colossus because of your review. And then there is also Forsaken. I guess the problem is I haven't read any of these yet, but it's upon your recommendation that I've acquired them to the TRB pile. *grin*

Crystal M. said...

Oh... I just adore Melody Carlson. I love anything she writes. Your review saying that it's different from her other books... made me wonder, but I'd still love a chance to read it.

I immediately requested Riven from the library after reading your review. I'm so happy I did. What a wonderful book.

Crystal M.

Barbara H. said...

This sounds good!!

Let's see -- one I have read is Return to Me by Robin Lee Hatcher. In fact, I won it from you. :-)

windycindy said...

Happy Wednesday, Deena! I read Randy Singer's "By Reason of Insanity" after reading your review. I am a fool for thrillers, edge of your seat books. The legal aspect adds even another dimension to his book. Thanks, Cindi

Nise' said...

My first Melody Carson book was These Boots Weren't Made For Walkin' that I picked up after your review.

ForstRose said...

I wanted this book and missed out on it.

I have several of the same books MJ mentioned on the way because of your reviews. Rook and Shape pf Mercy among them.

One I have read because of your review already is The Bunko Babes.

Anonymous said...

I read 'Romancing Hollywood Nobody' and I enjoyed it very much. She's a delightful and funny girl and I thoroughly enjoyed her blogging and the style of writing.

Lia said...

I read ALL Melody Carlson books but that one never came to library. Instead of telling the librarians I would hold my breath until they got the book, I just enter contests for her books (this being my first) I know, genius right! Thank you, thank you veeeeery much. Pleeeease, please, please, please, please, please,please enter me!

P.S. thanks for the giveaways! It's SUCH a blessing!

liatheddrfreak (at) gmail (dot) com

naida said...

sounds like a good read, great review!

Smilingsal said...

I'd like a shot at this one. The Randy Singer book with Insanity in the title is the one, I'm soooo sleepy.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I love Melody Carlson and would love to win this book! Every book I have read of hers I have really enjoyed :)

I read "Miss Match" by Erynn Mangum after I read your review of it. I had never heard of her or this series, so if I hadn't seen your review here, I would have missed out on a wonderful book :)

Anonymous said...

I read "Skizzer" after your review. I've never read Melody Carlson before but would like to have the chance. :-)


Abi said...

Yes, I'd love to win this book. count me in.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Lia said...

I forgot to say what book I read because of you. This is where I bang my head up against a wall. Because of your review, I am searching everywhere for Goodbye Hollywood Nobody. Can't find it though. Does it still count?!?! PLEASE SAY IT DOES!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

I am reading "Riven" because of your review. I would love to win this book!

Carolynn W. said...

You had me at Goodbye by Tracey Bateman. I LOVED it, the first 2 books in the series are wonderful!! I can't wait to read the last!