Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Twice Loved by Lori Copeland


For someone who doesn't care for Christian historical romance novels, I can say this with total confidence...Lori Copeland is the QUEEN! I've never read one of her books I didn't care for, and when it comes to historicals, she SHINES!

"Twice Loved" kicks off a new series published by Avon Inspire (an imprint I'm coming to love). Willow Madison is the first of the "Belles of Timber Creek", and she's something to behold.

If first impressions make the difference, Willow's a ball of fire...literally!

Taking her Uncle Wallace up on his offer of a semi-arranged marriage and a teaching post, Willow loads up her precious few belongings and a wagon of barrels of kerosene for heating the winter months in her new hometown of Thunder Ridge, Texas.

Trouble is, her new hometown lives up to its name! Thunder spooks her horse, Willow loses control of the buckboard, the saw mill is dead ahead...well, you get the picture, right?

Things heat up real quick like (pun intended!) between Willow and the saw mill owner, Tucker Gray. If a man wore a bonnet, Tucker would have a bee in his. He can't handle the sight of Willow, nor the thought of her marrying for convenience.

Silas holds the key to Willow's future, and quite possibly to the survival of Thunder Ridge as well. Can she follow through on her commitment to marry him and provide an heir? How did she let her wacky uncle talk her into this?

If only Copper and Audrey, her friends from Timber Creek, could have talked some sense into her. But Willow isn't just doing this for herself; she's doing this for all three of the young women. Young women who've sacrificed greatly and lost so much.

What doest the future hold for Willow and her friends? You'll just have to pick up a copy of "Twice Loved" for yourself, now, won't you?!

I'm giving "Twice Loved" four out of five bookmarks with a hen house as a charm...curious? Pick up the book...I'm telling you, it's GOOD!

Happy Reading!


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