Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shadow of Colossus by T. L. Higley

T.L. Higley is a new author for me. In fact, I thought 'she' was a 'he' until I read this novel and found out...hope, 'she' is a 'SHE'! Oh, the joy of initials:-) That's a freebie, by the way.

What truly astounded me was the power of the writing. "Shadow of Colossus" transports the reader back to ancient Rhodes and the ways of the Greeks. Filled with authentic language and description, you are THERE as Tessa struggles in her bondage as a hetaera to Glaucus.

Tessa has been wounded deeply by the men--and the women--in her life. Her one desire is escape, but once Glaucus has no more use for her, she will merely become the property of another. How can she flee the bondage that ensnares her?

Nikos wants to make his father proud, and to stop the corruption rampant in the government of Rhodes. His only way to do this is to become a slave to the most powerful man of Rhodes--Glaucus. Surprises await him on this journey to discovery, and one of them is the infamous Tessa.

Can a Greek slave in disguise and a woman in bondage ever hope to stop the evil that is plotted among the council? And what of the Jews abiding in Rhodes? Will this mean their destruction, or will the hand of God be mighty to save them once again?

A novel constructed around actual events, "Shadow of Colossus" is unique and distinct. The story takes place mere days before the historical earthquake that toppled much of Rhodes and took so many lives. Knowing that makes the message of redemption in the book all the more powerful.

Well crafted, T.L. Higley's novel gives you a clear view of the debauchery of Rhodes without graphic description or detail. She transports you back in time, and lets you see both the Greeks and the Jews from a historical perspective that will change you.

I'm so excited about this series for another reason as well, thinking as a homeschool mother. For older teens studying world history and ancient cultures, these books will bring the dull reading of textbooks to life, and animate their learning in fresh ways.

If your children are below 10th grade level, you might want to read the books for yourself, to give you fresh eyes to teach the subjects to your children. Either way, this is a series we cannot afford to miss.

"Shadow of Colossus" is the first of the Seven Wonders Series, with the second novel due to release soon. I'm giving it the golden bookmark, with a vote for "Best historical novel of 2008".

Happy Reading!


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