Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moving Forward by Dave Pelzer


Dave Pelzer's story has been an inspiration to many, many people. He overcame a childhood of severe abuse and has triumphed over the scars from that abuse. Now, Dave is a motivational speaker with a huge message.

His most recent book, titled "Moving Forward", encourages the many people in our world who've been wounded, abused, born to disadvantage, or simply not given a "good shake" in life to learn from it, move beyond it, and do something with their life experiences.

Mr. Pelzer's writing reflects his passion for his message. No one could ever say he doesn't say what he means and mean what he says! Some of his illustrations might be considered too graphic or gross, yet they serve their purpose of grabbing the attention of the reader.

My biggest issue with Mr. Pelzer's book is his "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" mentality. He certainly encourages seeking professional help, and makes mention of living in community and being aware of our global community.

But it's all about how we do it ourselves, how the power is within us all, and how he is a self-made man. I disagree with him on this particular point, as I know that I do what I do through the power God has given me...on my own, my efforts are beyond shabby.

However, I wish the church would take the essence of service in Mr. Pelzer's message to heart. It saddens me to watch the self-serving attitude I sometimes see in the church at large...not as a whole, but to a larger extent than most of us admit to having.

So, while I embrace the heart of Mr. Pelzer's message, I take such issue with the absence of reliance on God and His power, I'm only giving the book two out of five bookmarks, with a Bible as a charm. If you love Mr. Pelzer's story, read it...but keep the Scriptures handy.

Because nothing means anything without God in it.

Happy Reading!


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