Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Minivan Years by Olivia Bruner


This book was fun to read from start to finish! Olivia Bruner combines real life family anecdotes with Scripture and "mini-tips" to create a book perfect for moms caught in those minivan lives!

With chapter headings fitting the book's title, Olivia covers topics such as 'Mini-Mishaps, Enduring Embarrassing Times', 'Mini-Prayers, Requesting Miraculous Times' among others.

Some of Olivia's 'mini-tips' might not fit with your family dynamic. But all are great, and give food for thought on how we can turn our dread of the infant to middle school times in our children's lives into joy and training again.

Olivia is very candid in her book as well. This is a genuine mom who genuinely 'gets it'. Her work with Focus on the Family has always been an encouragement to me, and now I get a whole entire book from her! How cool is that!

I'm nearly past those minivan years. I have an on-her-own 21-year-old (sort of!) daughter, an 18-year-old daughter with one more year of high school, and a 14-year-old son who begins his freshman year this fall.

Yipes! Take it from me, those minivan years fly by, and you WILL miss them:-) So relive them through Olivia's book if you're my age, find encouragement to get through them with love and laughter intact if you're in the midst of them...and get a head start if you're contemplating them.

Either way, you'll enjoy Olivia's book! Prepare to give a defense when people hear you snorting and laughing your way through it! I'm giving "The Minivan Years" four out of five bookmarks, with a gas card as a charm...if you're driving a minivan, you need it:-)

Happy Reading!


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Natasha @ Maw Books said...

This one sounds like a good one. I am debating at the moment, minivan or SUV? Hmm . . .