Monday, June 30, 2008

Hidden by Shelley Shepard Gray


This is why I love Christian fiction--life changing stories bathed in the message of Christ! Shelley Shepard Gray has created engaging characters in a storyline that just might set some women free.

"Hidden" tells the story of Anna Metzger, a woman in an abusive relationship with a high powered, high profile congressional candidate. Because of his ties to powerful people, including local law enforcement, she can't get anyone to believe her story of abuse.

Even Anna's own parents doubt the truth of what she's shared, leaving her on her own to escape Rob's painful blows and unethical dealings. She chooses to seek out her friend, Katie Brenneman, and the family business--Brenneman Bed and Breakfast.

As Anna heals from her ordeal, she begins to find the Amish lifestyle freeing and restful. The only problem is Henry Brenneman--devoted to the Amish order, but finding Anna more and more appealing as days pass by.

Can Anna find her way back from the lost woman she's become, and will it be the Amish life that helps her, or going back to who she once was? What will her choice be?

This is an engaging story with a distinct message of hope through Jesus Christ. I'm hoping that women who are in relationships that are not healthy may find themselves and find Christ through the story of Anna in "Hidden".

I'm giving "Hidden" four out of five bookmarks, with a cap as a charm...and oh, how tempted I am to explore the Amish lifestyle! Then again, how would I blog about great books? Maybe just a vacation................

Happy Reading!


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