Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Changing Your World One Diaper At A Time by Marla Taviano


One thing I love about Marla is that she writes with honesty. In her previous book, "Is That All He Thinks About", Marla was candid in her discussion on sex in marriage as God intended.

Plus, she was laugh out loud funny!

Now, in her newest book (which was actually sparked by a comment from a woman who read the previously mentioned release), Marla gives us a humorous and candid view of motherhood in the first year.

Marla herself struggled with getting pregnant, and had the rosy view we all do about what motherhood is like. Truth is, no matter HOW much you love being a mom, there are those moments.

Now, if you never HAVE those moments, skip this book! You won't get it. But if you have had one or two...or a dozen or twenty-five...this is the book for YOU!! From the early stages of pregnancy (remember morning sickness that lasted morning, noon and night?) through the baby's first year, Marla takes us on an honest and yet inspiring journey.

With candid comments from moms on everything from post-partum blues to nursing issues, from diapers to sleep deprivation, this book covers it all.

But wait, there's MORE!! Marla doesn't just share the down side of being a mom (the hormone swings, the weariness, the fears and concerns that keep us up late at night)...but as the title says, we're all changing our diaper at a time.

She also points out how blessed we are to be moms. How we impact our lives, our communities, and our world just by being moms. From her hilarious story of how she longed to be a mom as a little girl, to her issues with pregnancy and miscarriage, to the age old debates on cloth vs. disposable (you know what I mean), Marla points out how blessed we are.

This isn't your typical book on being a mom...which is why I LOVED it! Wish it had been written when I was having kids...isn't it ironic I'm reviewing it AFTER having a hysterectomy:-) But I think you'll get something out of this book, even if it's a disagreement with Marla over something she says.

So, I'm giving "Changing Your World, One Diaper at a Time" four out of five bookmarks, with a pacifier as a charm...because you can NEVER have enough of them in your home (one day, after moving my oldest daughter's crib, we found FIVE stuck, sucky side, to the wall, all in a line...her back up supply, I suppose!).

Happy Reading!


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