Sunday, May 4, 2008

YUM by Daina Kalnins


Lately I've been getting requests for reviews from some smaller publishing houses, and one of my new favorites is Lobster Press. They've sent me some fun titles, and I'm pleased to tell you about a new non-fiction book I think you'll like!

"YUM" is 'Your Ultimate Manual for good nutrition', a book for kids that will be extremely appealing. We live in an age where good nutrition is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, but with a book like this on your shelf, you can bring it back to life in your home.

Filled with fun facts and illustrations, YUM takes nutrition and puts it in kid language. Written in a conversational style, kids can easily understand simple things such as why it's important to drink enough water (they'll LOVE this section, trust me!), what different vitamins do to help our bodies, and how to get them in healthy and fun ways.

Divided into five sections, YUM tackles "What's in our food", "The Amazing Body", "Eating Well Throughout the Day" and "Making It Happen, Keeping It Up" (the first section is a two parter). Daina has included Question and Answer portions, fun facts called "Did You Know", and even quotes from celebrities about nutrition and health.

Also included are some fun recipes--some that are healthy and some that stretch the boundaries of food (tofu, anyone??). She keeps it all kid friendly and I found it very informative and appealing. This book is EXCELLENT for homeschool families, and if you're having a hard time getting your kids to think healthy, this book might do the trick.

Adults could benefit from reading this one as well, which makes this a great family book. And there's just enough "gross" stuff in this one (about why we throw up and how that kids will be rolling with laughter and fun facts to share with their friends.

I'm giving "YUM" five out of five bookmarks, with a food pyramid as a charm. I'm so glad Lobster Press thought of me with this one! Go here to find out more about Lobster Press!

Happy Reading!


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